A new plant-based brand has been created under the Meat The Next in 2023. We are based in Sydney, Australia. CoCreate aims to use natural and fresh local produce in addition to our patented technology and unique raw materials to produce healthy and tasty meatless food choices for our customers.

To counter the increasing consumer awareness about the health and sustainability implications of their diets, along with the commitment of reducing carbon emission and global climate change issue, we provide affordable, functional and nutritious protein in our plant-based food choices and help to contribute positively to the planet at the same time. 



Newly Launched


Please be ready to experience the unique, tasty and chewy texture of our burger patties in your mouth which will give your taste buds and an unforgettable experience.

We welcome to work closely with retailers, wholesalers and suppliers of café, restaurants and catering industries.

We could provide customized formulas to create a specialized plant-based food to our customers. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our team in Australia if you require any further information or assistance. 

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